UNTV steps up public service through new shows

In trying to mark its difference from other network shows that are prevalently showbiz and entertainment-oriented, UNTV once again reiterates its public service orientation with new TV shows.

The station is intensifying its tagline “Your Public Service Channel” in reality this first period of 2010.

With veteran broadcaster and UNTV host, Daniel Razon, at the helm, the new set of educational and public-oriented shows are a breed apart from the usual drama-marathon primetime block of other stations like GMA and ABS-CBN among others.

Timely shows from its ensemble are the new programs Kilalanin Natin and Kayo ang Humatol! as these shows are designed to inform and update the public regarding matters for the incoming 2010 elections.

Kilalanin Natin (4:30 – 5:00PM Thursday) features the profile of political candidates who are vying for local or national position. This aims to enlighten the public, especially the voters, about the personality, educational background, achievement, outlook and advocacy of each political candidate.

Kayo ang Humatol (7:00 – 8:00PM Monday) is a show featuring political candidates in a one-on-one debate who are vying for the same local or national position. The show aims to inform voters, as well as the general public, regarding the profile of each political candidate, their political platforms, and their stand on vital issues.

Through this public service, UNTV hopes to enlighten the viewers on who to vote for in the coming 2010 elections, based on how the candidates convey their thoughts and ideals during the debate.

Other equally essential UNTV shows from the ensemble are Easy Lang Yan, Law Profile, Estranghero, Rotary in Action, and Dito po sa Amin.

In assistance to the free legal service that UNTV offers, the new show, Law Profile, is an informative show regarding legal matters.

Law Profile (5:00 – 6:00PM Thursday) focuses on the laws of the land and their implementations. Hosted by City Prosecutor Boogie Rodrigo and Atty. Claire Castro, the show aims to impart to the public, their rights and their duties as a Filipino. It will have skits and reenactments depicting the true to life drama and legal cases often filed in courts.  Law Profile is another public service program that will help every Filipino to have a better understanding of their human rights.

A fun-filled educational and public-service show Easy Lang Yan (4:00 – 5:00 PM, Friday) provides quick, simple and practical solutions to common problems on furniture, appliances, and equipments found in the home in an efficient way. Structured in an informal setting, skits and dramatization will be performed to illustrate more effective ways and means of home improvements for easy comprehension.

Easy Lang Yan is hosted by Mr. Michael “Eagle” Riggs, one of the prominent comedians in the industry.

To help and to inform the public both outside and in the country are the aims of the shows Estranghero, Rotary in Action, and Dito po sa Amin.

Estranghero (5:00 – 6:00PM Friday) is hosted by Atty. Wilhelm Soriano, Atty Reggie Tongol, and Ms. Lyn Perez. The show presents the different cultures of different countries, featuring not only the lives of OFWs, their achievements as well as their problems, but also interesting places that one can visit on a particular destination. It also presents our international correspondents deployed in different countries, who are ready to give assistance to Filipinos in need of assistance abroad.

Rotary in Action (7:00 – 8:00PM Wednesday) focuses on the lives of the Rotarians as they go around their respective district in their urgent desire to help the people in their community. Hosts of the shows are active Rotarians like Van Avenido, whose devotion to public service is marked with distinction. Every week, the show will be hosted by active Rotarians from different districts highlighting the needs of each locality and how they are addressed. This show documents all the outreach programs of different rotary districts.

Dito po sa Amin (5:00 – 6:00PM Sunday) showcases the true features of every hometown. It highlights the distinguishing characteristic of the city or town manifested by its people, culture, tourism and economic condition as presented by the incumbent leader. It promotes a sense of appreciation and educates the viewer on what is really in store for them in our own native land. Dito Po Sa Amin is fit for all walks of life who would like to explore and discover the uniqueness and pride of each city or town.

The new shows will serve as the weekly primetime blocker of the station, proving its worth with its tagline regarding public-service programs.

UNTV “Your Public Service Channel” is turning on its fifth year this 2010.